Lindau Online Science Days 2020 / Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020

On this page you will find all the links to the videos and to further information that are spread in our Annual Report 2020 via QR codes. You can download the PDF version of the report here:

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Lindau Impressions

Citizens‘ Greetings

Mainau Impressions

Virtual Visit on the Island

Being a Scientist in Challenging Times

Blog Series

Women in Research

SARS-CoV-2: A Universal Paradigm Shift

Tackling Climate Change

Sustainable Chemistry

Beyond (Everyday) Science


My Brain & Me

Literature Lecture

A Time of Lethal Ambiguities

Lindau Alumni, Young Scientists, Young Economists





Next Gen Science

All Sessions

Outreach Projects and Mission Education

Virtual Classroom

Online Science@School

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Lindau Mediatheque

Educational Outreach

Nobel Posters in German

Science Trail and Nobel Laureate Pier

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Video Productions

Sciathon Finalists